VON DER WANDERSCHAFT is a production for Extraschicht 2019 – 25 years of Duisburg-Nord Landscape Park on the theme of “Transformation”.
For the 25th anniversary of the opening of the Landschaftspark Duisburg Aktionstheater PAN.OPTIKUM is using the location for a site-specific production. The basis for this is the story “Von Bäumen” (“Of Trees”) from the book “Von Verwandlungen” by Victoria Hohmann.
A total of almost 50 young dancers from Freiburg, Duisburg and Essen will transform the bunker bags and the bunker forecourt of the former iron and steel works with the pictorial and powerful texts of the Berlin-based author and artist and artist and modern, contemporary choreographies. The latter are deliberately borrowed from hip-hop culture, the form of expression which is understood and developed by young people of all walks of life worldwide. and is being further developed. Current issues in our society are touched upon but have the chance, through their poetry and dramatic context, to be longer in the minds and imaginations of the viewers through their poetry and dramatic context.

Idea, Concept, Director: Sigrun Fritsch

Assistance: Luka Marie Fritsch 

Internship: Lisa Ruth 

Choreographers: Luka Marie Fritsch, Laura Viltoft

Music: Tobias Schwab, Leonie Fritsch

Text: Victoria Hohmann 

Raps: Robin Haefs, Rapucation 

Costume: Hilke Fomferra 

Technical director: Sönke Ober 

Pyrotechnical conception: Klaus Ulrich 

Pyrotechnic: Dirk Ober, Alex Römischer, Jennifer Rohrbacher, Lisa Ruth, Ute Wange

Light design: Aaron Güthlin 

Technic: Perry Gonn, Oskar Langenberg, Lucian Paña, Mathias Wange

Project Leader: Matthias Rettner