Director: Sigrun Fritsch

Choreographers: Luka Marie Fritsch, Heinrich Herrmann, Kevin Albancando, Nicki Schell

Dramaturg: María Fernández Aragón

Educational Management: Gitanjali Schmelcher

Composer: Tobias Schwab, Robin Haefs, Leonie Fritsch

Costume: Ute Wange, Lily Bosse

Stage: Llorenç Corbella, Sönke Ober

Video and Projection: Jennifer Rohrbacher

Project Leader: Matthias Rettner, Aktionstheater PAN.OPTIKUM

Was Europe wide large scale cooperation project, co-funded by the Creative Culture Programme of the European Union for performances in the public space. One of its results was a new international ensemble, made up of participants from the site-specific productions initiated by the partners from 2015 to 2017. In this first phase of the project (2015 and 2016), productions for the public space what been be created for festivals of the ten partners in seven European countries. These performances has been be developed in the corresponding cities with a focus on that city’s history, location and the ideas of the young adults that have participated in the project. In total 196 young adults from the partner cities worked with the artistic direction team and developed ten productions in two weeks’ times. They presented these productions within the scope of a festival or special framework program. In addition to the forms typical for this genre (such as acrobatics and theatre), the medium of expression for the productions was primarily hip-hop, and rap (poetry slam). The venues of the performances were very different eg. like a train station, a cemetery, a former Air base of the Royal Air Force, an old castle, the centre of an old town, a park and others.


With the performance in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria on 21rst of July 2018 our Power of Diversity – Crossing Lines Project has finished!
If you want to have a look back, you can watch several video clips at this page or you might rummage in our photo albums by Jennifer Rohrbacher. For deeper interests you have also the possibility to read the book of the project. For all of us it was a beautiful time full of great experiences!