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LuKa MArie Fritsch

Upcoming Events

summer rehearsals

We are getting ready to make the final production this summer in July, August & September. Connecting and bringing 106 dancers from all over Europe to the last rehearsals, located in the Lokhalle Freiburg Aktionstheater PAN.OPTIKUM.
With our artistic team from Germany, Latvia, Lithuania and Spain we can not wait to start the rehearsals!


On the 9th of September 2022 we will have the premiere of our European Creative Desk project on the Platz der alten Synagoge in Freiburg!
Safe the date and watch 32 dancers from Lisbon, Girona, Alytus and Helsingör performing in a multi media outdoor performance!

Explore MY WORK

“As a dancer, choreographer and director I work in a wide spectrum of different shows and performances. Involving urban dancers, contemporary theatre composition, as well as community theatre and street art”


Luka is an internationaly practicing artist, located in Freiburg, Germany and  Riga, Latvia, spreading and sharing her knowledge and input with urban and contemporary dancers.
“For me, there is only movement, expression and stories to tell. Not depending on a specific dance style or any formal border. Movement is movement. And the most beautiful is, when it touches people.”