HOW SOON IS NOW? is the first dance production of a multi-year research cycle that looks at us individuals in perspective in the face of global problematic situations.

Unsettling and frightening is the transition to the unknown. Hesitation is the gait at the threshold. Paradoxical thoughts, guilty conscience or a “Now more than ever!” alternate. With HOW SOON IS NOW? DAGADA dance puts a sensually experienceable dance piece into the audience, into an open, foggy space. Three dancers and a movement choir of Freiburg citizens dance images of passivity, excessive demands, guilt, repression and beautiful islands of prosperity. More and more the dance expands to less foggy spaces, to exchange, to questions, to opening. Sound collages and light compositions create phases of perseverance in the opacity of the space, a being thrown back on oneself. A fictitious space is created in which actors and audience can sensually approach the impending paradigm shift, animate it, act out the consequences, find a new direction.


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Artistic direction & concept: Karolin Stächele

Choreography: Karolin Stächele in collaboration with the dancers

Concept, dramaturgy & text production: Sabine Noll

Dance: Fabio Calvisi, Olivia Grassot, Arno Verbruggen and a movement choir with 24 citizens of the city of Freiburg

Choreography and artistic implementation of the citizens’ project: Luka Fritsch

Choreographic internship and assistance for the citizens’ project: Amrei Rinder

Music & graphics: Paul Tinsley

Stage: Sönke Ober

Lighting and Sound: Steffen Melch

Production Management: Veronika Schell

Scientific Talk: Thomas Meier (CAPAS)

Scientific Coordination: Eva-Maria Bergdolt (CAPAS)

Pictures: MINZ&KUNST PHOTOGRAPHY and Jennifer Rohrbacher 

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