The opera “Dido and Aeneas” (1689); Henry Purcell shows in the collaboration between Joss Reinicke, Luka Fritsch and Jānis Putniņš a multimedia performance in the Burghof in Lörrach.

With a stage design, which is full with up and downs, and a projection wall in the back, the opera uses singing, acting and dancing to show the loves of Aeneas.

Premiere October 2023.

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Music Direction and Project Leader: Joss Reinicke

Choreography and Concept: Luka Fritsch, Janis Putnins

Choir: Mottetenchor Lörrach

Orchestra: BaroqueLAB Frankfurt

Singers: Johannes Mayer, Cécile Madelin, Marine Madelin

Dancers: Cosima Dudel, Marģers Vanags

Projections: Jānis Putniņš

Costume: Pierre-Yves Dalka

Pictures: Lucia Hofmaier