MC MESSER is a modern, full-length production of the Beggar’s Opera, which served Bertolt Brecht as a historical model for the Threepenny Opera in the 1920s. A cooperation with Rapucation and the Augsburg theatre. Director Sigrun Fritsch moves the action from Soho to an imaginary island in a camp for refugees seeking access to Europe. Together with Rapucation, as well as choreographies by two award-winning dance trainers, this production was staged with pupils from Augsburg’s Werkrealschulen and Gymnasien for the Brecht Festival 2014. From Beggar’s Opera to Battle Opera.
Prizewinner at Kinder zum Olymp 2014 in the musical theatre category!

In cooperation with the Brecht Festival, the Augsburg Theatre, the Albert Einstein Middle School and, of course, dozens of young performers, it became clear once again how the language of the world’s most successful youth culture can enrich a production.
The power of rap, dance and, above all, how young people can engage with important literary texts in a sustainable way.

Director: Sigrun Fritsch

Choreographers: Luka Marie Fritsch, Heinrich Herrmann

Raptexts, Music Director: Robin Haefs, Rapucation

Music: Vincent Stein, Jannik Mühe, Sead Muharremi

Stage Design: Sigrun Fritsch, Sönke Ober

Educational Management: Gitanjali Schmelcher, Rapucation

Cooperation between Theater Augsburg, Rapucation, Aktionstheater PAN.OPTIKUM and the Brechtfestival