Choreographers: Luka Marie Fritsch & Jānis Putninš

Composer: Kaspars Niklasons

Producer: Patrīcija Kolāte, Latvian Academy of Culture

Dancers: Rūdis Vilsons, Lauris Limbergs, Mārīte Supe, Polina Filippova, Sintija Skrabe, Anna Marija Puke, Artūrs Nīgalis, Imants Ilgazs, Mārtinš Emīls Arzanovskis, Anastasija Čornaja, Dita Andersone, Lelde Beāte

(Pictures and video by Sandis Lazda)

The idea behind the performance is how the “imprints” we leave on ourselves influence and affect the processes around us. How do we pass on what we have received, or do we choose to transform this “imprint”, expecting a different result. The performance uses dance to talk about how this process can be unconscious or, on the contrary, based on choices.

The dancers are 12 first year students of the “Contemporary Dance Art” department of the Lavtian Academy of Culture in Riga, Latvia.

"We are constantly receiving and giving. And in between, we have the opportunity to transform, to change and to decide: what do we want to leave behind? The dancers trace their own footprints and begin to claim."