A play with music by Sigrun Fritsch and Robin Haefs freely adapted from “Alice in Wonderland” and “Alice behind the Mirrors” by Lewis Carroll

ALICE! is a production that turns Lewis Carroll’s work on its head, because here it is interpreted by 30 young people from Darmstadt and the surrounding area. “Who are you?” asks the caterpillar, thus putting Alice in a difficult position to explain herself, as she is currently in a state of constant transformation. This is (unfortunately) familiar as a young person: what just seemed like a good plan suddenly seems either too daring or too boring. Quite apart from the fact that it is not at all easy to know what, where and who you actually want. Or even who you are or want to be.

“Alice in Wonderland” is probably one of the craziest stories in literature and one of the classics par excellence.
“Some time ago, I had the idea that “Alice in Wonderland” would be a great project to implement with many young people,” says Sigrun Fritsch in an interview with FRIZZ editor Martina Noltemeier. The management team with Sigrun Fritsch and Robin Haefs from Berlin and Freiburg can look back on a series of successful theater productions with the action theater PAN.OPTIKUM and Rapucation. Oliver Brunner, acting director of the Staatstheater Darmstadt, was equally enthusiastic about the idea, especially since the name Alice is particularly preoccupied in Darmstadt – think Princess Alice.


Production, stage and costumes: Sigrun Fritsch

Project management and songwriting: Robin Haefs

Choreographers: Luka Marie Fritsch, Heinrich Herrmann

Composition and music production: Beatzarre, Djorkaeff, Leonie Fritsch, B-Case, Jeremia Anetor

Songwriting: Nima Feyzi Shandi

Education Management: Gitanjali Schmelcher

Production management and dramaturgy: Nike-Marie Steinbach

Performers: Hasibullah Bahaduri, Benjamin Bauer, Jenny Di Bella, Katharina Berdesinski, Lena Bernhardt, Nelin Camur, Sophia da Costa Araujo, Anne Dreiss, Eike Emig, Telmen Erdenechimeg, Milena Fertala, Elisabeth Gilfand, Felicitas Higgins, Mohammad Ali Hussaini, Naiem Hussaini, Gustav Jung, Jan Niklas Jipping, Ilka Kappel, Nina Klein, Mona Philine Komp, Janine Krykon, Lisa Kühn, Homayonn Moradi, Manuel Müller, Rezwan Naseri, Corinna Otte, Luana Partimo, Sara Wajszczyk, Janina Wilhelm, Sayed Fardin Zewari, Merle Marie Zimmer

A cooperation between Rapucation, Aktionstheater PAN.OPTIKUM and the theatre workshop for young people of the Staatstheater Darmstadt.

(Pictures by Robert Schittko)