FIEBERHAFT is a large scale open air dance theatre performance with dance, text and rap. It premiered in the 900 years city celebration of Freiburg in July 2021.

“Life is constant change”. *Heraclitus
How people deal with this challenge forms the basis of this new PAN.OPTIKUM production.
In a series of images based on texts by Ernesto Cardinal, Pablo Neruda and Victoria Hohmann, the young ensemble shows different facets of dealing with this.
The expressive language combines urban dance and rap with the artistic elements and objects and fireworks that are spectacular for PAN.OPTIKUM.

Director: Sigrun Fritsch

Choreographers: Luka Marie Fritsch, Heinrich Herrmann, Kevin Albancando, Kien Trinh

Composer: Tobias Schwab, Robin Haefs

Costume: Pierre-Yves Dalka

Project Leader: Matthias Rettner, Aktionstheater PAN.OPTIKUM