Luka Fritsch and Nicki Schell have been “Teaching Artists” for the school year 2022/2023 at the Vigelius Schule II.

The program “Teaching Artists – Residence in School”, which was launched for the second time, enables the dancer duo Luka Fritsch and Nicki Schell, to be a permanent part of the Vigeliusschule II for one school year. The duo works there, moves, performs, is creatively active and comes into contact with teachers and students, designs joint projects and, if necessary, integrates other external art and culture professionals. The focus is on the students, who should experience their school as a place that confronts them with the new, the unfamiliar, the irritating through dance, and questions familiar paths or even leaves them behind in order to enable aesthetic experiences and insights.

Project Leader: Kulturamt Freiburg, Mario Willersinn