Luka Marie Fritsch

Luka is a freelance dancer, choreographer and director, and a member of the Aktionstheater PAN.OPTIKUM. Her work connects urban dance movements, which she develops through various participatory tools and creative concepts in close collaboration with the performers, and contemporary theatre. Her focus is on storytelling through movement, through resonance and the connection between audience and performers. "I am most interested in the portrayal of authentic emotions, psychological conflicts and that a new, youth-oriented form of dance theatre entcounters the stages".
Cornerstone of her work is to break down the boundaries between dance styles and to establish dance as a general art and language of movement which can reach all levels of society without barriers. Completely in the spirit of the HipHop culture.
Besides her work as a dance theatre choreographer or director, she worked (2010-2019) at the Dance Academy Freiburg and taught Urban Dance, Feminine and Heels and was awarded with many prizes at national and international competitions as a co-leader with different HipHop dance formations (Dope Skit, Dopies and Female League). Outside of her creative work, Luka is interested in dance studies. She studied Media Culture Research at the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg and wrote her Master Thesis about the deconstructive gender representations in Parris Goebel's choreographies.

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